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Biometric testing software that enables people to learn more about their inborn capabilities
Alexander Zubarev
The founder of InfoLife holding company
  • 791000
    people have passed the InfoLife tests
  • Geographical scope of
  • 3165
    entrepreneurs already working with us
Our biometric testing
software is
given high
regard all over
the world

Since 2011 InfoLife develops
the unique testing based
on biometric research

We have grown from a small company
based in Kirov into the international
holding company with the geographical
scope of 27 countries. We hold two companies now:
InfoLife and IrisTest.

Each program is based on decades of extensive
research and given highest regard all
over the world as a valid,
quick and simple testing technique.

17 $
the price of one test
Testing validity
Our software is
available to
  • InfoLife Software helps to learn more
    about one’s inborn aptitudes and
    health in 5 minutes.
  • The testing validity is 92%!
  • The recommended testing price is much
    lower than that in a diagnostic center:

    - The price of basic test is 17 $ (7 areas of testing);
    - The price of IrisTest is 17 $ (basic report).
What information can you get from the report?
  • Health
    Assessment of the major organs and body systems, indentifying at-risk groups. Stress-resistance, type of nervous system.
  • Career Guidance
    Career Guidance
    Career Guidance specifies interests and needs at work, type of career, as well as activity areas with the best possible career development.
  • Sport
    Athletic abilities, recommendations on physical training. Different kinds of sport where the best results are most probable.
  • Susceptibility to diseases
    Susceptibility to
    Genetic traits and susceptibility to hereditary diseases of the major body systems.
  • Psychological Profile
    Psychological Profile
    Character structure and pattern of thinking. Type of perception, temperament, model of goal achievement.
  • Compatibility Test
    Compatibility Test
    Family relation, the pattern of adaptation at work. Points of interaction and conflicts with other people.
  • Work and Career
    Work and Career
    Type of Career — these areas of testing show the way you can apply and develop your skills at work.
  • References
    Value of the person installing the most motivating factors in life and work. Type of information perception, interaction with other people in his life and work, a model of behavior in conflict situations.
Testing Procedure
Any type of InfoLife testing can be performed anywhere. The testing is absolutely painless and does not have any contraindications. As a result, the tested person receives a comprehensive report on his/her abilities, susceptibility to diseases, psychological profile, and many other spheres.
They have already taken our test
  • Anna Chapman
    Yes, I’ve got a lot of aptitudes indeed including analytical skills.
    Russian TV-presenter
    Social activist
  • Alexei Nemov
    What if I have never started gymnastics? Anyway, the result agrees here.
    Russian gymnast
    Four-time Olympic
  • Victor Yushchenko
    I do not mind taking a picture, but I will not comment on the report.
    The third president of the Ukraine
    Government and political leader
  • Nikas Safronov/div>
    100% egoist? Yes, that’s definitely about me! This is how I managed to succeed!
    Soviet and Russian painter
  • Nikita Belyh
    My friends, this company pays millions rubles to our budget and I have taken their test. That’s very nice!
    Russian politician
    The governor of the Kirov
  • Rosa Sabitova
    Wooow, that’s awesome! Let’s test my friends as well!!
    Russian TV-presenter
  • Konstantin Tszyu
    My pulse is 250 beats per minute, that’s true!
    Russian boxer
    Multiple Russian, European
    and world champion
  • Radislav Gandapas
    The testing performed so quickly never seems valuable; I recommend that you make it a bit longer.
    The most celebrated Russian
    business coach
  • Maria Savinova
    The testing actually works!
    Russian runner
    2011 world champion
  • Vladimir Tarasov
    Is there anything more about me? I want more!
    Famous Russian social technology
    specialst, business coach
  • Sergei Belokonev
    Can I stand while you run the testing?
    The head of the Federal Agency
    on Youth Affairs
  • Mikhail Babich
    I agree with you on that I’m individualist, but I can work in a team as well!
    Russian statesman,
    PhD in Economics
  • Dmitry Livanov
    I wonder, how Ministry of Education can help you?
    Minister of Education of
    the Russian Federation
  • Vitaly Mutko
    That’s right, let me take the report, but do not take photos.
    Minister of Sport Tourism
    and Youth policy
  • Alexander Gordon
    Alexander, you’ve got brilliant business acumen. I paid careful attention to every word and you managed to succeed.
    Russian radio and TV
    presenter, actor, director,
    four-time TEFI winner
and 550 000 people tested all over the world!
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