7 июля 2015

Do you have a beard?

the Magazine “Business” invited our General Director Alexander Zubarev as an expert and asked to help the novice businessman Stanislav Brooklyn.

Stanislav Brooklynthe Idea of “Royal shaving” dangerous razor, beard design and male haircut Stanislav Brooklyn, Director of barbershop & nbsp;Cutlers, I saw in St. Petersburg, and already in Kirov finished hairdressing courses and learned not only to smooth the beard, but also to cut. Start-up capital he took from personal savings. July 4, 2015 barbershop Sheffield has celebrated its first birthday. The project is developing dynamically in Kirov. The database has about two thousand customers and every month it increases by about a quarter.
< br /> Stanislav wants to sell franchises and the first question to Alexander Gennadyevich was - what steps he needs to take for this.

Alexander Zubarev, founder of InfoLife< / span>:

– Before you should consider in detail how barbershops work in other regions or even countries. I was recently in Brazil, just visited them padobrana. There is a separate culture – you go, as in a Museum. Highlight his “chip”. Analyze the market, determine the target audience: as a rule, buyers of the franchise corresponds to it by age and needs. I recommend to make a business guide, opening which the buyer of the franchise will see a ready-made solution « from»and « to»: what documents are needed for business registration, how to attract customers, how to select and train staff, how to advertise the product. We have sold 2.5 thousand programs in 4 years. In particular, in countries such as South Africa and Peru. If the product is in demand in such remote corners of the Earth, of course, that it really worked and brought profit to partners.

Stanislav also asked Alexander G. to give him recommendations on attracting investors to the barbershopCutlers< / span>. Alexander Zubarev, the founder of the company an end answered:

Alexander Zubarev– My approach to work – a person's thinking determines his success. I didn't expect to do business when I graduated from University. “Infolife” was my graduation project. But when I was invited to an exhibition in 2011, and I tested about 100 people a day, I realized that this can earn. Since then, the company began to grow rapidly. When a person proceeds from the fact that his product is needed, he will always have money. The concept is that & ndash; my business brings in enough money to reinvest itself. There is a different picture of the world: the entrepreneur is based on the fact that there is always not enough money for development. But I am against this approach: it puts in a position forever dependent on someone else's will and money. Believe in yourself and your business.

the Final interview article was published in the July issue of «Business Class».


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