20 мая 2015

Anton Panasenko tested InfoLife

Anton Panasenko passed test for career guidance and occupation for the patterns on the fingers InfoLife!

the 12-time world champion in kettlebell lifting loved the InfoLife test:

- despite the fact that I have been engaged in kettlebell lifting since my childhood, and the results confirm my abilities in this sport, there are high rates in such sports as Boxing and wrestling.& nbsp;
Interest in these types of martial arts I showed since childhood, that's just in my native village, where I was born and grew up, and from power species was only a section on weight lifting. And now I have great pleasure in Boxing and sparring on the carpet. 

Anton Panasenko was born on 17 November 1979 at the R. p. Pavlogradka. 
currently stands for the Omsk region team.& nbsp;
master of sports of international class in kettlebell lifting.& nbsp;
Anton's Highest achievements: push - 169 points, jerk - 180 rises, the best amount – 253 (scored at the Russian championship in 2001).& nbsp;
Winner of 7 world records in the clean and jerk, 4 records of Russia is also in the clean and jerk.

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