13 апреля 2015

Infolife – the scientific method save time for me

in Vladikavkaz, a new method of determining the creative, sporting and intellectual potential of a person is gaining popularity through the analysis of patterns on the fingers. Special apparatus & ndash; development of Russian scientists, based on a huge database and analyzing the features of patterns, gives a picture of psychosomatic characteristics of the person (person). The device is already in use in kindergartens.; parents want to know which sections to enroll their children in, as well as in some schools as an alternative to career guidance.< / p>

on the eve of the entrance campaign, Vladikavkaz graduates who have not yet decided on their future profession, as well as their parents are looking for an alternative to traditional tests for career guidance. One of the ways to understand what the occupation is suitable to a particular person — is to pass the study using the device, which analyzes the patterns of fingerprints. The name of the hardware and software complex & laquo;Infolife & raquo;, as the developers assure, the system allows you to very effectively draw conclusions about the creative, sports and mental potential of a person, having only the patterns of all ten fingers.< / p>

the method is based on the science of dermatoglyphics, studying the unique patterns on the palms and feet. In a single database program collects information about patterns on the fingers of the masses of different people & mdash; scientists, athletes, musicians, that is, representatives of our society with particularly pronounced characteristics, with achievements in a particular area. Comparing the type of finger pattern of the one who passes the test on the device, the program decrypts the code hidden in the lines and patterns. The program does not guess and does not say that this should be a doctor, but this — locksmith. It only determines the potential of a person in a particular area, his temperament, predisposition to disease, the type of adaptation in society and so on. 

the study Itself on the device takes about 5 minutes. First, all ten fingers one after another are applied to the screen of the scanning device, then the program compares the curls, arcs and loops with those that are already in the database, and gives a summary. According to the representatives of the developer, the level of accuracy is 92%.< / p>

the Test subject is given a description of himself, and the specialist conducting the study explains the subtleties of some terms and interpretation of certain parameters. For example, in what industry the subject will be able to maximize their potential, whether it is worth it to work in a team, whether it is necessary to develop coordination of movements or instead try yourself in the vocal, from which it is necessary to take care not to earn a serious disease, and so on.< / p>

meanwhile, the leadership of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation considers it possible to organize cooperation at the level of educational institutions to identify human abilities.

We certainly can't insist on using the system, it's Up to you, but many citizens of Vladikavkaz and the Republic already use it. Sand painting Studio, as well as a number of municipal kindergartens in Vladikavkaz invite specialists to test children. But this, again, first of all, is a balanced decision of parents.


Tarasova Zalina, head of children's Studio of sand painting

“Sure, that this test would have helped a great many parents to send their child personally in the right direction. And this applies not only to the choice of profession, when entering the UNIVERSITY, but also the choice of leisure activities for the child. Modern parents often overload the child with a huge number of circles and sections. This is primarily because it is not immediately clear what he is able to achieve success. Over time, of course, there is a "natural selection", but lost time and effort that could be directed immediately to the case.< / p>

having Personally tried testing, I advise parents to resort to it and get to know their child better. This is very important! My children have already been tested!»< / p>

according to the specialists of the company conducting tests in Vladikavkaz, the device is used not only by those who can not independently determine the choice of profession, but also, for example, couples who can not understand whether they are suitable for each other or not. Since the hardware and software system determines the temperament of a person, and his mental and creative potential, it can help in choosing a partner. However, while this area of testing is not as popular as the students.< / p>

Some adult Vladikavkaz passed the finger patterns test to satisfy their own curiosity and were satisfied. 

Elbrus Kodzoev, a resident of Vladikavkaz:

“I'm a grown man, and I was too late to choose a profession, but could not resist and passed this test. Given the fact that the price of the question & mdash; 200 rubles, why not? In principle, a lot of things coincide. Not to say that I discovered something new about myself, but it was, anyway, a fun experience. Would I rely on this device to help my children determine their future profession? I think so, as an additional argument for or against».

Olesya bagyeva, HR Manager:

“Testing the "Infolife" I came across in instagram (infolifevladikavkaz). I became interested and decided to go through it, in order to develop myself as a professional. Often people are engaged in completely unsuitable activities for themselves and suffer from this, and can not achieve success in them. Such testing at different stages of life would help many people to find themselves”.

Arthur pagaev, football player, defender of FC «Alanya» 1990-2007, since 2007 started coaching< / p>

«I had enough to study the results of the section - sport to understand the accuracy of the definition of this program. I mostly played defense, but the coach sometimes put me in midfield, because I was more drawn to the center. The program gave a high defender score, but the midfielder is slightly higher. That's why I was drawn to the center of events, it turned out the role of the point guard easier. I will definitely bring my son!»< / p>

and while you are thinking about the question: «to Identify or not to reveal their abilities?», testing company & laquo;Infolife & raquo; in Vladikavkaz has already passed about 500 people.

You will be glad to see: Central Department store 1st floor, the Mall Capital 3rd floor.< / p>

collective applications are Accepted. On-site testing is also carried out at the request of the customer. Significant discounts for General education institutions of the Republic, private and municipal kindergartens, other educational institutions and groups. Tel. (8672) 97-06-90, +7 918-810-01-10.


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