24 августа 2015

InfoLife 2.0. Multiply your earnings

I Hasten to inform you that we have launched a new test program InfoLife 2.0!  What's new in it?



    1. Improved operational and stable operation of the program. 

including new versions of operating systems. The program will run on Windows 10, unlike the old product.

  • 2. The program's interface has become even more intuitive. 

the New shell of the program can be estimated on the example of the attached file.


    3. The ability to display video. 

when the program is inactive, you can set any video to be shown. This is an additional tool to attract the attention of visitors.

  • 4. The new testing algorithm.

the Program is made on the new WPF platform, which provides a higher percentage of accuracy of the result.

  • 5. Regular updating of the program.

technical support remains at a high level. All suggestions for improvement and refinement of the product are taken into account with each update.




    1. Successful report interface.

thanks to the updated design and new layout, the report has become more intuitive and convenient. When each page is printed, the blocks are in a pinned area-there is now no information offset to another page. 

  • 2. Increased accuracy of information.

the Text is worked out in more detail - there are new facts and detailed descriptions.


    3. Updated sections: sports, temperament, personality, education.

< / strong>< / strong > < / p> the

  • 4. New graphics.



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