12 августа 2015

NTV talked about testing on patterns on fingers

on June 15, 2015 on the NTV channel within the program«Anatomy of the day & raquo; in came out the story about the testing programs on patterns on the fingers June 15, 2015 on the NTV channel within the program & laquo;Anatomy of enterosgel day; came out the story about the testing programs on patterns on the fingers.
and the Most part was shot in the Moscow office of information holding Infolife where Alexander Zubarev as the author and the developer of the program, personally carried out testing of the girl who was offered for this purpose by NTV journalists.& nbsp; and
Anastasia as it turned out, was a professional actress, played the main role in the movie and ldquo;cook”.< / p>

unfortunately, most of the testing and explanation of its results for obvious reasons did not get into the TV show. Therefore, some of the conclusions made in the program are not quite true. This can be seen from the video shot by one of the employees of our company.< / p>

The report on testing clearly says that Anastasia has abilities in several areas, in particular in creative professions, and not only in engineering, as stated by the authors of the plot.
the cost of testing, stated by the authors of the plot is also greatly overstated — not recommended by us the price of the test from our partners ranges from 400 to 900 rubles.< / p> < p>testing Infolife reveals the ability of a person, opening him the way of personality development, in which he will be able to fully realize themselves. Which way to go — is not a purely personal choice for everyone.
the Infolife Information holding is completely conducts free testing of children and from orphanages and boarding schools.< / p>

some one-sidedness and selectivity in the presentation of the material can be explained by the desire for sensationalism, so inherent in NTV.
and we hope that the distortion of information in the story is caused by the desire of journalists to help consumers in choosing quality and useful services.
and for comparison, we offer to watch a video about the shooting program.
on the Video of the plot you can see on the website of NTV.< / p>

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