17 октября 2013

Opening of InfoLife in Ivanovo

Today, the residents of the city of Ivanovo have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the opening of the points to get free testing on the profession and guidance InfoLife at - SEC "Poplar", Lezhnevskaya street 55, 3rd floor - in front of the entertainment complex FuzzyFun. Working hours: 10.00-22.00, seven days a week.

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Новости Opening Of InfoLife In Saransk
22 февраля 2013
Opening Of InfoLife In Saransk
On February 12, the opening of the biometric testing point InfoLife took place in the shopping and entertainment complex Ogarev-PLAZA in Saransk.
Новости Book InfoLife - Ability, inherent nature
30 декабря 2012
Book InfoLife - Ability, inherent nature
InfoLife – information about Your life. The unique author's technique of the young Russian scientist Alexander Zubarev will allow you to learn about your abilities.
Новости Открытие InfoLife в Хабаровске
9 января 2013
Открытие InfoLife в Хабаровске
Infolife открылся в Хабаровске.
Новости Anton Panasenko tested InfoLife
20 мая 2015
Anton Panasenko tested InfoLife
12-time world champion in kettlebell lifting Anton Anasenko was tested by InfoLife