22 февраля 2013

Opening Of InfoLife In Saransk

preparations for the opening were in advance: was created the meeting in the contact group http://vk.com/13infolife and created a group dedicated to this topic http://vk.com/infolife13. Already in advance, the participants could see the total info concerning profession test and guidance InfoLife and ask all the questions. In addition, the information was posted that on the opening day testing will be free for everyone! In addition to the Internet resource, flyers with information about testing were used, on which the address of the testing point was affixed and a coupon for free testing on the opening day was attached. A total of 300 flyers were distributed.

at the opening in the morning was a complete hype. During the day, the queue at the counter was stable at 10-15 people, and at 19 o'clock consisted of 30 people! Everyone wanted to be tested from small to large. came families with small children and young people with girls. Many test participants, without hiding a sense of joy on his face expressed his opinion from what he saw: «This is really a unique opportunity not only to learn about their abilities and inclinations, but also to give yourself an OBJECTIVE assessment, focusing on the test results. I was very pleased that the test takes very little time, does not require any mental and physical activity and takes place in a pleasant environment. Natalia Senina”. “Came up with the baby – just tested it. My son really liked to put his fingers! The results are amazing & ndash; all about my son! In General – AWESOME! Kristina Vybornova”. To our question & laquo;would you Advise to be tested by your friends?» student SKI OWNER Yudin Oksana said: “Yes, Definitely! Especially young parents! It is interesting and fun for everyone!».
Just on the opening day passed testing for profession and career guidance InfoLife< / a >   201 people, there were many more willing, despite the fact that the time was already later. But we all calmed down and assured that now everyone can be tested with us!
We are waiting for everyone at the address: Saransk, ul. Bogdan Khmelnitsky 28, SEC "Ogarev Plaza", 4th floor.
working Hours:
Monday - Friday  16.00 - 22.00. 
Saturday - Sunday  10.00-20.00.
Contact phone: 30-96-32, 89272769632.

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