24 июля 2015

Review of our partner from the city of Vladimir

I started working on June 15 in the center of Vladimir in the shopping arcade, the place is interesting, but in the summer there are very few people. Two weeks later, the franchise moved to the shopping center "Lenta" and the work went... We placed an advertisement in the newspaper "Logored", on the radio, on the website "Skidka". And now the shooting of the program with my participation on the TV channel "TNT" Vladimir.& nbsp;< / p>

When I started negotiations with the city Department of education about working in kindergartens, they showed great interest, and invited to participate in the forum with them. I have established excellent working relations with many people for further cooperation. < / p>

since August I start working with kindergartens. The equipment of The infolife franchise was very pleasant to the Director of the regional Department of education and in August I am expected at the city meeting of school Directors, for my presentation on the testing of students in schools.

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28 ноября 2012
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