16 октября 2015

In the business incubator of Yakutsk children are taught entrepreneurship with the franchise InfoLife

this was used by a business school in Yakutsk, where children are taught the art of conducting their business immediately in practice.

So, Nikita Pidan engaged in the franchise InfoLife - testing the patterns on fingers. The case by the way & nbsp;brings a good income. 

& laquo;I intend to do this business until grade 11, until I hand it over to another student. And whether I will become a businessman - time will tell. But, without a doubt, for me it is a great experience that will be useful in the future», - shares with YSIA Shkolnik.

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«the Main purpose of our business incubator is to teach children entrepreneurship so that they know where the money comes from, " said the head of the school business incubator Aysen Ivanov. 


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