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2015-11-18 14:26:00
Our partners received 5 invitations to classroom sessions (advisory) in Zaporozhye at the "Abiturient-2016" exhibition

The exhibition "Entrant-2016" took place in Zaporozhye at the beginning of November. InfoLife franchisee in Ukraine Vladimir Kultyshev had high hopes for this forum.

Many franchisees of our company choose one work scheme – testing in the educational institutions.
The essential part of our business is to compile a permanent customer base, keep in touch with the heads of the educational institutions and kindle interest of parents' committees.

The exhibition “Abiturient-2016” was held in the exhibition hall of "Cossack-Palace" at the beginning of November. A large number of universities, technical schools and colleges, language centers, employment and recruitment agencies, as well as centers of non-formal education made their presentations to school leavers. Vladimir Kultyshev also offered his services of InfoLife ability testing based on fingerprints assessment.


"Right before the event we set a goal of 150-200 tests. But the main purpose, of course, was to get the heads of educational institutions interested in our services, attract the attention of students and their parents to "Career Guidance" and "Activity Area" testing,” - says the franchisee.

Kultyshev prepared thoroughly for the exhibition itself: he made an additional mobile testing stand and printed posters. He also developed a special quotation for group testing in schools and universities, and made a discount for the most popular area of testing - "Career Guidance."


By the end of the exhibition, our specialists tested 188 people. They were invited to the "Day of the applicant" in Dnepropetrovsk and received 5 invitations to the homeroom classes 9 and 11.

Vladimir Kultyshev says: "We are very pleased with results of the event, we got a lot of positive reviews and it was a positive experience for us. We are glad that we managed to complete the task which seemed impossible at first – we made 188 tests. For us, this was a valuable experience - we analyzed the previous exhibitions, compared with the last and concluded why it was impossible to achieve such results earlier. "