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2015-11-24 16:53:00
Franchisee from Tolyatti: when selling a service, the second franchise is of great avail

InfoLife franchisee from Tolyatti Alexander Lebedev, purchased a combined InfoLife + IrisTest package in August. He is convinced that one service promotes the other.


"I have gained my first experience of testing when participating in the exhibition "Baby World" on 1-3 October. The first day was very quiet, there were not many visitors. Basically, only the participants and volunteers got interested in the service, and I made only 1 testing, - said Lebedev. - I was rather disappointed and thought that this service is not interesting to people. But the rest two days were much better, there were a lot more visitors. As I have purchased two franchises, one service helps to promote the other. I made 9000 rubles in two days. " 

At the end of the exhibition, the most important achievement of the franchisee is that he started to believe in the product and assured himself of its effectiveness and value. IrisTest stand works in a local shopping center "ParkHouse" for three weeks.

"The results will be summarized at the end of the year" - concludes our franchisee.

But what we see today is that Lebedev makes more than 100 tests per month with each franchise.