2015-11-25 14:42:00
Entrepreneurs from Kirov, Russia, have Passed InfoLife and IrisTest Testing

In Kirov, Entrepreneurship Week came to an end. The forum for young entrepreneurs named "Idea. Development. Support" draw much attention to the products of InfoLife holding company.

The company regularly participates in such exhibitions and festivals, and recommends franchisees to do the same. After all, it is not only a good way to make money, but also an opportunity to present the product as well as to train the new staff.

Queues and increased interest in innovative products - it is the order of the day and this time the situation repeated once again.

As usual, the target audience gets interested, some of the first-time entrepreneurs are still standing at the crossroads and don’t know where to invest their energy, time and money. The direct purpose of InfoLife - is to help them understand how to approach this issue and make the right choice.

The second franchise, IrisTest – the express health diagnosis – gained incredible popularity. The money for value provided by the franchise, make it amazingly attractive under any circumstances among people of different ages, social and financial status.

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