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Since 2011 InfoLife holding company develops the unique testing technologies based on biometric research.

We have grown from a small company based in Kirov into the international holding company with the geographical scope of 27 countries. We hold two companies now: InfoLife and IrisTest.

We invite you to become a part of our team and join
our company. Take advantage of becoming an InfoLife franchisee and working with us.

Why more than 2400
entrepreneurs around
the world have chosen
Ready-to-go business with InfoLife and IrisTest
is your opportunity to launch your own business
in a week and get the maximum yield with
minimal investment outlay.
  • Crisis-resistant Business
    The business of our franchisees shows
    steady growth when others lose money hand
    over fist, because the costs are not linked
    to dollar rate and the product itself is oriented
    on the wide target audience.
  • High Profit
    On average, our franchisees make 184 000 rubles in net earnings per month, and for the most successful and hardworking of them, the bottom line reaches 1 265 000!
  • Quick Payback
    The payback period of investment in InfoLife franchise is extremely short: you will reach profitability in 3 to 28 days of operation.
  • Minimal Investment Outlay
    To launch your business you will not need an office with employees, not even a website! The price of our basic starting package is only $1000.
  • Little Competition
    InfoLife is an innovative and unique system that has no analogs among providers offering career guidance and professional orientation services. This gives you a great market niche right from the start.
  • Working Remotely
    The only thing you will actually need to run your business is a laptop. You decide whether to stay at home, create an ad-hoc office in a shopping mall, or visit your customers at their place.
  • Steady Customer Inflow
    The average price of InfoLife test is only $8, which makes the service totally affordable to everyone.
  • Target Audience
    InfoLife test can really be usefull to everyone, but the demand is especially high among the following categories: children and their parents, shopping mall or amusement center visitors, pensioners, career advisors, psychologists, as well as state agencies, educational and medical institutions.
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Start making money with
InfoLife and IrisTest franchises – it’s easy!
Become a partner holding InfoLife and earn our developments.
InfoLife – fingerprints
InfoLife is the patented unique fingerprints testing.
It will take you only a few minutes to perform testing
in the following categories: psycholohy, career guidance,
health diagnosis, temperament assessment, aptitudes to
various kinds of sports and many other individual parameters.
The basic starter package InfoLife is only:
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IrisTest – testing based on
iris assessment

At the heart of IrisTest franchise is the express
health testing based on

This patented invention enables you to perform express
diagnosis of 18 organs and 4 body systems in a few minutes
and reveal susceptibility to diseases and prevent them at
the pre-existing stage.

IristTest basic tarter package:
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Success stories of our franchisees
InfoLife partners make from $900 up to $64 000 per month!
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