InterFace — psychological testing system
InterFace - the program of psychological testing, which determines the psychotype of a person and gives practical advice on achieving success in different spheres of life.

Using a high-precision 3D camera, the program determines the dominant part of the face by the asymmetry of the face, the boundaries of the nose, lips, eyes and eyebrows.
Facts about the program InterFace
16 psychological types of personality
7 analytical sections
More than 80% testing validity
2 types of report
Analysis of more than 3000 photos
Full report on 30 pages
Testing Areas
Recommendations for the disclosure of abilities
Strengths and weaknesses
Style of behavior in conflict or stress
Type of training and behavior
How it works
Making up a 3D model of the face
Fixed shot with 3D camera
Facial recognition on the server
Analysis of the data on the server
Carl Jung,
Swiss scientist
About the methods
The InterFace program is based on the Myers Briggs personality typology, developed in 1923 by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother Catherine Briggs based on the book "Psychological types" by Carl Jung.
He suggested that a person perceives the world through four basic psychological functions-thinking, feeling, intuition and feeling.

After getting acquainted with the work of the Swiss psychiatrist, Myers began to study the problems in detail and published a number of scientific articles.

The researchers relied on practical tests to determine individual personal preferences in work and the most successful ways of self-realization in life.

Later, in the 50-60s, the typology was positively reviewed by prominent scientists, new experiments were conducted to clarify the methodology.

At the moment, this typology is widely used in the West. In her theory — 16 types, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses. In order to find out your type, you need to pass a test consisting of 120 questions.

The fact that this procedure itself is quite time — consuming, and the results are significantly influenced by the human factor, led the developers of InfoLife to the decision to create a computer program that would allow to obtain the results of the world-known typology in a fundamentally different way-the analysis of facial asymmetry. So, in October 2015, we started to develop InterFace.

InterFace: two report types

In the process of development, several thousand photos of persons who have passed the classic Myers Briggs test were investigated. A patent for the program has already been obtained, and the testing accuracy exceeds 80%.

InterFace: Pro and InterFace: Game reports

InterFace is as sensitive as possible. Thanks to Intel's 3D camera, she manages to feel the slightest changes in a person's face, head position, facial expressions, and she literally commands that it will take to make the highest quality picture.

3D camera InterFace

Based on the photo, a smart algorithm will determine in which direction the asymmetry of Your face is expressed, and therefore, which hemisphere of the brain is more active.

InterFace: Game report

According to these data, InterFace will name your real psycho and tell you the strengths and weaknesses in decision-making, interaction with others, work and training, the way out of the conflict.

In addition, it will give direct recommendations that are necessary for success. The program allows you to create two types of reports that are interesting to any segment of the target audience.

InterFace Pro-information and analytical testing. With it you will learn your individual qualities, behaviors and thinking.

Get personal advice on revealing your strengths and eliminating weaknesses, on interaction with others and methods of education.

Understand how to behave in conflict and stress, as well as learn what it takes From you to achieve the highest results in the professional field and what specialties are closest to your psycho.

Introduction to the InterFace: Game report

InterFace Game-entertaining testing. It will determine what your preferences in food, drinks, weapons and cars, compare you with the owners of the same psycho in the field of cinema, science, politics, business, sports.

You will find out what is the probability of a person with Your personality type to become unemployed and what is Your true earning potential.

In some sectors, the testing InterFace will be useful?

  • Self-knowledge and personal growth;
  • Career growth and career guidance;
  • development of organizations;
  • management and leadership Training;
  • family counseling and problem solving;
  • Education and curriculum development;
  • Trainings of interpersonal interaction.

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